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Weightless Financial

Our company goal is to save 12.5 million people from debilitating debt, helping them escape the crushing pressure and seemingly limitless burden that comes from financial constraint.

Our Vision: Focused & Clear

Our vision centers around three important goals that give us a clear view of what the future could potentially look like. The elimination of debt opens so many doors for both you and your family, and Weightless Financial and Federal Employee Benefits Education Services look to give you that freedom.

  1. Help People Live Debt Free
    Our vision of being debt free doesn’t mean twenty years from now. It means ASAP—because life is waiting to be lived!
  1. Teach Everyone How Money Works
    Financial literacy is NOT taught in schools. This fact creates a lifelong burden. To bring real, lasting relief, we always begin with a financial education.
  1. Position Families to Start Building Wealth
    Our vision goes beyond living debt free. Our standard of thriving means leveraging smart, proven strategies to build a brighter future.

Our Mission: Big & Simple

We’re helping 12.5 million people go from a life of debt to a future of wealth. Why 12.5 million? Simple. It’s the combined population of the two largest U.S. cities—Los Angeles on the West Coast and New York on the East. Our mission is to rescue that many people coast-to-coast. We’re helping them live without debt and start building a life that matches their dreams. That’s how we put a dent in the financial crisis of personal debt in America.

Put a Dent in the Financial Crisis of Personal Debt in America.

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Helping government employees choose benefits, improve their financial futures, and retire successfully.

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