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Videos & Webinars

Have questions about your government benefits? Education is a huge part of what we provide at Government Employee Wealth Advisors, and we host many educational events and webinars to help government employees understand their choices and how their choices impact their future. Additionally, we make videos to explain some of the most important things you should know about retirement. Watch some of them here!

Pre-Retirement Seminar for Federal Employees

Interested in a deep dive into retirement benefits for the federal employee? Watch our 1:22 long video that contains almost everything you need to know.

The Retirement Mountain

The strategies you use to get to the top of your retirement mountain are not the same as the ones you use to get down safely—without running out of money.

Media Appearances

Watch our founder and managing director, Dave Baker, who is also the managing director for our sister companies under the Nautica brand.

Holistic Retirement Planning
Optimal Retirement Plan
Ways to Minimize Retirement Risk
Running Out of Money In Retirement

Your Risk Tolerance

Our founder and managing director, Dave Baker—who is also the managing director for our sister companies under the Nautica brand—uses a tool called Riskalyze to determine your tolerance for risk.




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