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Dave Baker

Founder, Managing Director

Dave Baker

Founder, Managing Director

Dave Baker has been working in financial services since 1993. He is licensed for both securities and insurance products, which is rare in the government benefits and retirement niche. Dave is able to view both sides of the investment coin ad offer non-biased investment advice. Dave is also a fiduciary which means that he must—by law—manage a person’s money and property for their benefit, not his.

In addition to his role at Government Employee Wealth Advisors, Dave is also the founder and managing director of Nautica Asset Management LLC and Nautica Insurance Group LLC. Dave has been working with government employees for many years and he has found that the biggest problem most of them face is a lack of information about their benefits and how that impacts their financial success.

Education is at the heart of what Dave sees as his mission both for his career and for his firm, Government Employee Wealth Advisors. Human resources departments within government entities are often understaffed and overloaded, and Dave and the team at Government Employee Wealth Advisors helps fill in the gaps in helping government employees understand and take advantage of all the excellent benefits they have access to in order to put themselves in the best possible financial position to ultimately achieve the retirement lifestyle they desire.

Dave attributes his success to education and being a “problem-solver” rather than a “salesperson.” Knowledge is key, and teaching government employees about their options and helping them make benefits selections which are in their best interest is his passion.

Books From Founder, Dave Baker

Because education is a huge part of what we provide at Government Employee Wealth Advisors, our founder, Dave Baker, has three books available to help the government employee understand their benefits, their choices, and how to create a successful financial future. Ask us about getting your free copy with a consultation.

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Our process starts with an online free benefits consultation that helps us to break down your unique situation and financial objectives. Once we know your goals, we can use our tools, resources and experience to design a plan to give you income for life. Government employees have exclusive benefits that can help them. But unfortunately, far too often our clients have no idea where they stand with their accounts, or when they might be able to retire. Overloaded HR departments are often unable to provide sufficient financial information. At Government Employee Wealth Advisors, we fight against the lack of education and create a custom plan that suits your needs.




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